God-Breathed: A Conference on the Doctrine of Scripture

God-Breathed: A Conference on the Doctrine of Scripture

God has clearly spoken to us through the written revelation of Scripture, yet so many have a low or incomplete understanding of Scripture’s origin, veracity, power, and wisdom. We hope that this conference will help bring clarity to God’s word while calling us to submit to His gracious decrees, and grow in our love for His Son.

Join us as we affirm the biblical convictions of Scripture’s inspiration, inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency. All are welcome!

Date: October 6th & 7th (Friday evening and all day Saturday)

Location: 213 East 82nd St. (The Hungarian House).


Friday Evening:

  • 6:30p – Registration
  • 7:15p – Session I, “The Inspiration of Scripture”


  • 9a – Registration & fellowship (Snacks and Coffee provided)
  • 9:30a – Session II, “The Inerrancy of Scripture”11-11:15a – Break
  • 11:15a – Session III, “The Authority of Scripture”12:30-2pm – Lunch Break / Freetime
  • 2p – General Q&A (All Speakers)3:30-3:45p – Break
  • 3:45p – Session IV, “The Sufficiency of Scripture”


Paul Lamey (Grace Community Church, Huntsville)

Keith Paulus (Christ Church NY)

Philip Sanders (Redeemer Bible Fellowship, Orlando)

Joey Gonzalez (Grace Bible Church NYC)

Single Registration: $40

Couple Registration: $70

Registration includes:

  • Admission to conference
  • 1 Registration Gift Bag (including book giveaways)
  • All snacks and refreshments