Mission Partners

Mission Partners

Training up Anglican Leaders At George Whitefield College

An Introduction to Alex Sserwadda

This year we are continuing our financial support for George Whitefield College, an Anglican seminary in South Africa, by paying for one student’s bursary.

The bursary provides for the student’s total tuition, room, and board for a year. As a church we believe that training up a pastor in Africa can have an immense impact in building the kingdom. The student’s name is Alex Sserwadda. After he graduates, he hopes to return to his parish in Mityana, Uganda and be involved in training ministers. Below is a video prepared by Alex to introduce himself. A letter of update and prayer requests by Alex is released periodically on our monthly church newsletter. If you would like to sign up to this, please email info@christchurchnyc.com.

If you would like to learn more about George Whitefield College, you can watch this video, an introduction to George Whitefield College, or visit the George Whitefield College website.

An introduction of Alex Sserwadda

Hope for New York

Christ Church NYC is pleased to be a church partner with Hope for New York. Hope for New York works with churches and organizations who are committed to holistic ministry in both word and deed, connecting them to a larger citywide movement of mercy & compassion. Hope for New York provides volunteer and financial resources to the affiliates they partner with, and they connect churches like Christ Church NYC with opportunities to serve all over the city. Opportunities like offering hot meals and resources to our homeless neighbors, providing job skills training to people returning home from being incarcerated, and mentoring children & youth.  Christ Church NYC currently partners with two Hope for New York affiliates – The Bowery Mission Women’s Center and Operation Exodus Inner City and other service opportunities are offered monthly through Christ Church NYC and can also be found by subscribing for Hope for New York’s monthly emails.

The Bowery Mission Women’s Center

The Bowery Mission Women’s Center offers women in crisis a safe environment and community to repair their lives, and connect with Christ.  This is a residential program for women in hard times that incorporates spiritual grounding, economic empowerment, and emotional equipping.  On the third Saturday of every month, the women of Christ Church gather together to prepare dinner, and fellowship with these women over the meal.  These and other events like these are vital in providing a loving community to these women, as we are called to love one another, as Christ first loved us.

If you would like to be part of this mercy ministry, please contact bowery.women@christchurchnyc.com for more details.  You could also learn more about The Bowery Mission Women’s Center by visiting their website.