Gospel Men Seminar
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  • Hephzibah House

Gospel Men Seminar

Sex is a Justice Issue

Our society has developed a “hook-up” culture that promotes unrestrained sexual freedom without responsibility. The media and entertainment industries highlight the instant gratification of hook-ups but ignore the consequences for individuals, families, and communities. Our society’s rejection of God’s design for sex has played a significant role in the breakdown of the family, which has led to greater poverty, crime, and exploitation of the most vulnerable women and children.

Christian men have a responsibility to protect vulnerable women and children as well as bless our society by living out and promoting God’s design for sex. This talk will cover:

  • Why sexual immorality is a justice issue
  • How sex is a major topic in the Bible
  • Why leadership and true compassion requires Christian men to talk about sex

After the presentation, there will be time for Q&A. Whether you’re living a life of sexual integrity or struggling with sexual sin, you’re encouraged to join us for an open discussion on how God’s design for sex can bless you and our society.

Paul Horrocks
Justice NYC Founder & President

Speaker: Paul Horrocks
Paul is the Founder of Justice NYC. He launched the organization to equip Christian men to protect women and reduce poverty by working to end sexual exploitation. His goal is to challenge men to treat all women the way they would want their daughters to be treated. Paul is a former Insurance Executive and current President of a software company, Rocksurance
Solutions. Paul has been involved in mercy and justice initiatives in NYC for many years.

Paul was a mentor in the Big Brothers program and is currently serving on the boards of Christian Union and Students for Life of America. Paul holds an undergraduate degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia.

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