Pastoral Letter from Keith Paulus on May 22, 2020

Pastoral Letter from Keith Paulus on May 22, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Over the next two Sundays I’ll be reflecting with you on two essential historical events in the life of Jesus. We often focus just on the historical events of Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection, but equally important are His ascension and His giving of the Holy Spirit on what’s known as Pentecost. In the church calendar, the next two Sundays focus on those too often neglected events – events which have massive implications for our lives in the present. Therefore, we’ll reflect on Jesus’ ascension this Sunday from Acts 1:1-11. As you prepare yourself for worship in your home this Sunday, perhaps read through that passage and consider: what encouragement is there to be found in the reality that Jesus is the risen and ascended King?

Update from South Africa

Our dear friend, Alex Sserwadda, has sent a newsletter update about life and ministry at the George Whitefield College in South Africa at this time (please email for a copy of his newsletter). Please do keep Alex and GWC in your prayers. They have been under strict lockdown orders and are feeling the intensity of the current crisis.

Encouraging Stories

Our brother and fellow church member, Jared Warren, recently took ill while in Warsaw. Thanks be to God, he’s now recovered. During his illness he experienced some wonderful acts of kindness and love. Jared writes: “I think I’ve seen another person in the flesh perhaps seven times in the past two months since I’ve been in Warsaw; and somehow, despite the isolation the result of this pandemic experience has been a realization of just how many wonderful people I have in my life. I’ve had mere acquaintances buying me groceries; someone I’ve met exactly once has just offered to drop freshly baked cake at my door, and so on. It’s been a strangely providential experience in ways I couldn’t have anticipated…”

Yours in Christ,
Keith Paulus