Children On Sundays

Children On Sundays

Manhattan is a wonderful and challenging place to raise kids. Christ Church NYC is a strong community, where kids can have fun and learn, and where there are ways for a whole family to serve and grow. Our church family sees that we have a great responsibility to support families in the hard task of bringing up children in "the nurture and training of the Lord". We invite families to catch our vision to grow together as a fellowship that includes kids and adults of all ages!

On Sundays, there is a Nursery for children ages 0-2 and Sunday School classes for children ages 3 through 3rd grade. Parents can check their children into the Nursery prior to the start of the worship service and then pick them up immediately following the service. Children will only be released to their parents.

Children ages 3 through 3rd grade begin worship with their families and then after the first portion of the service are led to their class by their teachers. In this way, they begin to become familiar with the liturgy and your family has an opportunity to worship together. Then there is appropriate teaching from the Bible for adults upstairs in the main sanctuary, and learning and laughter for little ones downstairs. For first time families to Christ Church, you will need to accompany your children to their class in order to register them.

Occasional special events for families with young children are offered, and children will sometimes sing or take part in the morning service in seasonal events.

All of our volunteers, whether parents themselves or not, are trained and encouraged to communicate God's love to children. They undergo background checks, and adhere to our church policies on child safety, including CDC guidelines during this season of COVID.

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