Home Groups

Home Groups

And they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all who were in his house…he brought them up into his house and set food before them. And he rejoiced that he had believed in God.  (Acts 16:32,34)

Interested in Joining a Home Community Group?

In the early days of Christianity, Paul and Silas had an extraordinary encounter with a man whose life was changed by the Gospel, and the first thing they did together was share fellowship in the man’s home.

When you visit Christ Church, you can expect a warm welcome. It’s alright if you want to take a look, but are not yet ready to commit. In the long run, though, we don’t value anonymity.  Everyone is a part of the wider fellowship and thus can serve and grow, not least in personal relationships in our community. That’s the purpose behind our various home fellowships, which are dotted around Manhattan, and meet throughout the week.  We meet to have fun, enjoy food together, serve each other and the outsider, pray for each other and read the Bible together.

Home Community Evening Meetings in New York City

Tues: 7 PM on Upper West Side at 75th and Columbus Ave
Tues: 7 PM on Upper East Side at 86th and Madison (every other Tuesday only)
Thurs: 7:30 PM in Washington Heights at Fort Washington Ave and 190th
Fri: 6:15 PM on Upper East Side at 91st and Madison Ave
Fri: 6:15 PM on Upper West Side at 95th and West End Ave
Fri: 6:15 PM on Upper East Side at 64th and 1st Ave

To join a Home Community Group, or for specific addresses and more information, please email info@christchurchnyc.com.

If you are in a Home Group, you can find our weekly Home Group handouts on the blog. New handouts are posted weekly on our blog.